Komissiózó targonca N20 C L

Comfortable Single Pallet Picking Aid

Convenient order picking with free lift

The picker N20 C L simplifies the picking process with a single pallet in multiple ways: Without load the vehicle accelerates up to 12 km/h. In curves, speed is automatically reduced to protect drivers, goods and pedestrians. Thanks to the 2.2 kW lift motor, the driver can bring the pallet to a height that is easy on the back and load it with up to 1.2 tons. Since the vehicle is easily accessible from both sides and has a pedestrian function on both sides, the operator saves unnecessary travel. Non-slip handles and easy-to-understand operation also ensure higher handling performance. For orders on the first and second shelf levels, the N20 C L can be optionally equipped with a lifting platform. A non-slip floor mat provides firm footing at any height.


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Műszaki adatok

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Turning radius Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h)
N20 C L 1,2 (t) 700 (mm) 9 / 12 km/h 2007 (mm) 24 / 420/465 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh

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